Fundraising with Premium Kettle Corn

Looking for the perfect fit for your concessions, fundraiser or event? Look no further! Our fundraising model is like no other, and helps you maximize your profits. We have taken our proven fundraising model of selling kettle corn and eliminated the need for a vendor. In short we help you maximize your profit by cutting out the middle-man. We have also found a way to do this at no initial cost, making fundraising easier than ever. Imagine receiving premium kettle corn already popped to perfection, packaged with branding, and ready to sell. That is exactly what Amerikettle has done. We have been popping since 2008 and now we are putting the power of our brand, product, and knowledge into your hands.

Our mission is simple: provide the best fundraising experience with no cost upfront. We have taken a product that is loved by millions, and made it available to schools and youth sports teams as a fundraiser. Amerikettle kettle corn is the high quality product that makes this all possible.

Many have enjoyed our kettle corn at a variety of venues including: sporting events, music/band competitions, carnivals, and fairs, just to name a few.

Why Amerikettle Kettle Corn?

There are a few reasons Amerikettle kettle corn appeals to so many groups as a fundraiser.

  1. No cost to get started
  2. You have control of your profits
  3. Great sales results

Concessions made easy with Amerikettle Kettle Corn

Our first goal after making an irresistible bag of kettle corn, is to make fundraising very simple to get started and supply a product that’s easy to sell. Most fundraisers will require money or commitment upfront. We are so confident in our fundraising program that we will supply you with 48 bags of kettle corn at no cost upfront. We only ask that you forward full payment 7 days after your fundraiser. Your kettle corn will be popped to perfection, bagged and ready to sell when it arrives

Take Control

Most kettle corn vendors will come to your event, sell on site and then give you a percentage of what they sold. Our fundraiser puts the control in your hands so integrity is never an issue. You know exactly what was sold and how much it was sold for. We believe that a fundraiser should have complete transparency. You are free to use your creativity to maximize your sales and profits.

Maximize your profits with Amerikettle Kettle Corn

The results say it all! We have supplied our kettle corn at thousands of fundraising events, and more often than not, our kettle corn yields the highest profit of any single item. Flexible price points of $5 and $3 (recommended) make it easy for anyone to buy. We also are able to give more back because we don’t have to spend money for a team of employees to travel to your site and pop the kettle corn. Another bonus is you don’t have to head to the nearest supermarket or restaurant supply store to put together an awesome fundraiser. Though we supply 48 bags of kettle corn with no up front cost, it’s not uncommon for some fundraisers to sell hundreds of bags during a single event.

What are you waiting for? Contact us at to find out how we can help make your organization successful!