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Since 2008, Amerikettle has been popping the highest quality kettle corn. We strive to honor time-tested traditions with every single batch of kettle corn we pop. We believe that popcorn tastes best fresh and hand-popped. Every single bag of our kettle corn is held to these standards. We want to assure anyone who has a bag of our kettle corn that none of our equipment is used to make products containing nuts/tree nuts, dairy, wheat, or seafood.

Kettle Corn

Kettle corn is an American snacking pastime. It was first introduced to the United States over two centuries ago. Legend has it that in the mid-nineteenth century, the concept of popping kettle corn was developed by a farmer in Missouri. With the help of German immigrants, the idea of popping popcorn in their large cast iron kettles after a long days work came into being. They would add various sweeteners, such as honey, molasses or sugar before adding salt to their popcorn to achieve that special flavor we all know and love. The combination was widely popular in the early 1800s as evidenced by the diaries of Dutch settlers. Kettle corn became further engrained in the American tradition during the Great Depression when one of the few luxuries many families could afford was a bag of popcorn. Today most of the world's kettle corn is made from corn grown right here in the USA! Since its' introduction kettle corn has been immensely popular at any fair, fundraiser, or festive event.